The Shaker Spine & Sports Institute is recognized as Florida’s leading authority in the non-surgical treatment of chronic severe knee, shoulder, ankle and other joint related pain.

In fact, our doctors advanced treatment procedure is so effective, that you can expect significant improvement in just 1 visit… regardless of how long you’ve suffered or the severity of your condition.

We Go Further To Remove Your Pain

If you’re like most of our patients, you’ve probably tried a number of different treatments in the past and have been left with disappointing results.

Your previous doctors or therapist probably performed an examination on you and said that you have a condition that they can treat. So, in good faith you underwent care and in the end, you were left upset that you didn’t get the results that you hoped for.

At The Shaker Spine & Sports Institute, we have become recognized as the leading non-surgical treatment institute because we follow a strict Patient Qualification Process to ensure that if you’re a candidate for our care, you’ll have the highest probability of treatment success.

That is to say, our doctors will perform a comprehensive examination to determine if you have a condition that he can treat and that there are no contra-indications (i.e. reasons why we cannot treat you).

In addition to that, if he feels that you do have a condition that is treatable at the Institute, he will then perform a Qualification Treatment on you.
The Qualification Treatment is performed to ensure that your body responds to care. If your respond well to the very first treatment, this means that your body is accepting to treatment and the probability of achieving your desired results if very high.

If your body does not respond to the very first treatment, Dr. Shaker will not accept you as a patient and will refer you to a practitioner that’s better suited for you.

What Can You Expect For Your Qualification Treatment?

After your qualification treatment you can expect…

  • Reduction In Your Pain Level
  • Increase In Mobility
  • Hope
Find out if you’re a candidate for our ground breaking treatment today
and live again without the pain.
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