Learn more about the amazing work that Dr. Shaker is doing to upgrade your health and keep you pain free and functional throughout your life. As a manual medicine practitioner, Dr. Shaker offers various types of treatments for all types of sports injuries, joint problems, pre and post surgical pain relief and general wear and tear issues of the body. He is also trained in Trigenics® Myoneural Medicine which is a powerful treatment for relieving pain quickly.

Dr. Richard Shaker helping Painful Dysfunctional Shoulder on Tim Tebow using Trigenics®

Dr. Richard Shaker treats national dancer Deborah Alberti with Trigenics®

Dr. Shaker treating Davin Joseph’s knee. Witness the doctor in action and listen to Davin’s comments about his treatment and recovery. Davin is a former 2x Pro Bowl Offensive Guard. Before treating with Dr. Shaker, Davin had suffered in pain for over two years.

Watch as Dr. Richard R. Shaker, Chiropractic Physician & Trigenics® Practitioner works on Jake Hampton’s painful knee from playing football. Jake Hampton, #44, is the starting middle linebacker for Sickles High School in Tampa, Florida.

Video features Ray Ray McCloud thanking Dr. Shaker for keeping his body in shape for the game. :43sec mark

Dr. Shaker works on Ryan Fines using his Cold Laser Treatment