As you know, Frozen Shoulder Syndrome is a debilitating condition that affects every facet in one’s life.

The Shaker Spine & Sports Institute understand the urgency to get your condition resolved and that’s why over the last 20 years, we have developed and perfected our Non-Surgical Frozen Shoulder Procedure where 90% of our patients experience significant results in just 1 VISIT!

And due to our clinic success rate, patients from all over the country seek out treatment from Shaker, Spine & Sport Institute.

Why Are Shaker, Spine & Sport Institute Treatments So Effective?

Due to the complex nature of Frozen Shoulder, our doctors have developed an advanced multifaceted treatment procedure that thoroughly address your condition to provide IMMEDIATE AND LASTING RESULTS.

We Only Accept Those We Feel Have The Highest Probability Of Treatment Success

Along with our success rate, what separates our clinic from others is that we’re very selective as to the patients that we accept for care.

Our clinic follows a strict Frozen Shoulder Qualification Assessment to determine the exact cause of your condition, if there are any contra-indications (reasons why your condition cannot be treated) and of course, if you’re a suitable candidate for our care.

Furthermore, if our doctors cannot get results within just 1 treatment, we will not accept you for care.

If you’d like to find out if you’re a candidate for our Exclusive Frozen Shoulder Procedure,
give our office a call today at (813) 876-9552.