As you probably have been told, joint surgery has a high failure rate and the damage and pain that’s associated with it can be permanent.

It is for this reason, why surgical intervention is reserved as a last result.

However, at the Shaker Spine & Sport Institute, our treatment procedure is so effective
that we often prevent our patients from needing surgery.

In fact, our treatments are so successful, that physicians refer their patients to us first, before recommending surgery.

As you’ve gone through our website and have viewed our patient videos and the results that we’re able to achieve, you’re probably starting to realize that Dr. Shaker is able to help those where other therapies have failed.

The reason, why Dr. Shaker’s advanced non-surgical treatment procedure work, is because his treatments have been specifically designed to treat chronic severe joint pain.

We Don’t Accept All Patients

Shaker Spine & Sport follows a strict 2-Step Patient Qualification Process to ensure that if you’re a candidate for care, that indicates that you will have the highest probability of treatment success.

During your Initial Consultation at our office, Dr. Shaker will perform a comprehensive examination on you to determine the exact cause of your condition and to make sure that there are no contra-indications to our care (i.e. reasons why we cannot treat you).

We Don’t Stop There…

Unlike other clinics, if you have do in fact have a condition that is treatable under our care, we WON’T accept you for care.

We Want To Provide You With Certainty That You’ll Get Results Under Our Care

Instead, we’ll perform a Qualification Treatment on you to make sure that your body response to care.

After your first treatment, you can expect…

  1. Immediate Decrease In Pain
  2. Immediate Increase In Mobility

If and only if you respond to care, we will accept you as a patient and this in turn means that you will have the highest probability of treatment success.

So, if you’ve been recommended for an operation, we encourage you to book an appointment with Dr. Shaker first, to find out if he can help you so that you can avoid surgery..