Neck and Back pain are the two most common joint and musculoskeletal conditions treated. Western medicine has evolved significantly and even the most complicated procedures can be simplified with today’s modern medical advances in technology. Within the past decade, Conservative medicine such as Chiropractic has continuously evolved and proven to help and provide relief to many joint and musculoskeletal conditions in which surgical intervention was an initial option. There are cases and scenarios where surgical intervention is necessary, but outside of those instances consider chiropractic care as the initial treatment and let surgical intervention be reserved as a last result.

However, at the Shaker Spine & Sport Institute, our treatment of the neck and back is so effective
that we often prevent our patients from medication or needing surgery.

Our chiropractic treatments to the neck and back provide such successful results that surrounding Tampa physicians refer their patients to us first before recommending any surgical intervention.

Our patient videos and testimonials are a validation to the quality of care that Dr. Shaker and Dr. Day provides and the results our patients expect. We provide relief to many joint and musculoskeletal conditions that would otherwise (initially) be managed with medication and surgery.

For any patient that is suffering from a more-serious joint or musculoskeletal condition and has exhausted their conservative medical options and surgery is the only option remaining, Dr Shaker’s exclusive Advanced Joint Procedure must be considered and is only performed by Dr. Shaker himself.

We Don’t Accept All Patients

Shaker Spine and Sport takes pride in their patient’s recovery and results. Both, Dr. Shaker & Dr. Day follow a strict two-step patient qualification process that determines if the patient is a candidate for care, followed by a comprehensive initial examination to conclude the appropriate diagnosis and to reveal any contra-indications for treatment (i.e. reasons why we cannot treat you).

We Don’t Stop There…

Unlike other medical clinics, if you suffer from a condition that is not treatable under our care, we will medically choose NOT accept you as a patient and will personally find and refer you to the appropriate medical professional that can help

We Want To Provide You With Certainty That You’ll Get Results Under Our Care

After your first treatment, you can expect…

Immediate Decrease in pain
Immediate Increase in mobility and functionality

Once we finish our evaluation and assess your response to initial treatment, our doctors will approve or deny your status as our patient and proceed with the appropriate next steps towards your care and well-being.

In summary, if your neck and back pain has led to a decrease in functionality, a reduced quality of life, and a potential recommendation for surgery, we strongly encourage you to book an appointment with our doctors at Shaker Spine and Sport Institute, to find out how they can help you avoid surgery and live the life you were meant to live.