If you have been in an auto accident recently, it is crucial to make these decisions immediately.
Do not delay.

Injuries from an auto-accident can obviously cause immediate debilitating pain. However, did you know that a seemingly “minor” accident where you’ve experienced “minor” pain is often misleading?

In fact, what you may think is a minor injury that “It’ll just go away” is often misleading and can quickly escalate into the same debilitating pain that others have sustained immediately after their accident.

The difference is, because the “minor” pain that you had sustained has over time now developed into chronic severe pain, it can be much more of a challenge to correct.

This is why, many of the patients that we treat have tried several different therapist and treatments in the past and have been left with disappointing results.

Often, it’s not that these other therapies are ineffective in general.

It’s that your condition has progressed to the point that it falls out of the scopes of these various disciplines.

If This Is The Case For You… All Is Not Lost!
Shaker, Spine & Sport Institute is known in Florida as the office that gets results where other therapists have failed.

By Florida Law, you must see a provider and get an EMC. Failure to do so will result in your benefits being reduced from $10k to $2500.

If you’ve been recommended to Shaker, Spine & Sport Institute or you’ve toured our site and seen our results, then you’ve probably already realized that our clinic can provide results to even the most severe pain sufferers.

So whether you’ve sustained severe pain immediately after your accident, you’ve experienced seemingly “mild” pain or you’ve started out with minor pain and now its progressed to severe pain, we encourage you to give our office a call.

At Shaker, Spine & Sport Institute, we will perform an image analysis (X-Ray, CT and/or MRI) and conduct a comprehensive Auto-Injury Examination & Assessment to determine the true severity of your condition and understand the exact source of your symptoms.

Call (813) 876-9552 and book your comprehensive Auto-Injury Examination & Assessment today.