Dr. Richard Shaker is recognized as one of the nations leading practitioners for the treatment of both acute and chronic joint injuries.

Throughout his 27 years of practice, he has traveled the globe to learn from the world leaders in advanced rehabilitation techniques and procedures and has accumulated over six (6) post-graduate certifications* in Sports Medicine, Exercise Rehabilitation, Strength Training and Neuromuscular Assessment and Function.

From his experience in treating chronic severe cases, he has combined and refined what he has learned to develop one of the most effective treatment procedures used today to provide you with the results that you’ve been desperately seeking.

In addition, using his exclusive treatment protocol, not only is he able to provide you with quick results, he’s also able provide you with lasting results.

Here at the Shaker, Spine & Sport Institute we are able to provide results where other therapies have failed.

With having vast experience in dealing with chronic severe cases and by utilizing his advanced treatment procedures, you can be assured that if you’re a candidate for care at The Shaker Spine & Sports Institute, that you’ll have the highest probability of treatment success so that you can return back to enjoying life on your terms.

So if you’re like most of our patients and you’ve tried other therapies in the past, have been on handfuls of pain medication and have even been recommended surgery, then you may be a candidate for our care.

Don’t suffer in pain any longer.

Schedule your appointment today and live again without the pain.