Dr. Aaron’s initial relationship with Shaker Spine and Sport was conceived December 2022 while celebrating the holidays with his family. Dr. Shaker and Dr. Aaron continued to communicate with each other almost daily, discussing similar goals, dreams, and ideas that helped plant the seed and eventually flourished into Dr. Aaron’s role as one of the primary chiropractors at Shaker Spine and Sport Institute in March 2023.

Educational Summary
From post-graduate to present, Dr. Aaron has served approximately 15 years dedicating himself to the sports medicine & injury prevention/rehab specialty. Dr. Aaron earned his bachelor’s degree in Health and Sports Studies from Miami University of Ohio, where he served as a student athletic trainer for women’s softball, women’s basketball, and men’s and women’s cross country and track teams; as well as a two-summer equipment/training internship (2006 2007) for the Cincinnati Bengals in Georgetown, Kentucky. Immediately following his graduation from Miami in 2009, Dr. Aaron pursued an independent degree in massage therapy to help solidify his knowledge within the musculoskeletal system as well as injury prevention and treatment to soft tissue injuries.

Within the years of 2011-2019, Dr. Aaron served as a trainer and rehabilitation specialist at a prominent chiropractor’s office in Indianapolis Indiana. This is where his knowledge and love for Chiropractic began. Under the guidance and encouragement of Dr. Bryan Bingham, Dr. Aaron began to grow as a medical professional, utilizing the opportunities for continuing education, attending seminars, and earning certifications to help increase his knowledge and skill set of injury prevention/rehab of musculoskeletal injuries. Dr. Aaron was able to help thousands of patients achieve their goals and recover from conditions in which they were told recovery is unlikely. Every continuing year his love and passion for Chiropractic grew exponentially until November 2018 when he applied and was accepted to Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Dr. Aaron attended Logan Univ. from January 2019 to August 2022. He served as a student representative for Rock Tape as well as an avid student attendee to motion palpation Institute (MPI), rehab to performance (R2P), and some functional medicine clubs. Dr. Aaron reinforced his chiropractic knowledge and confidence by attending multiple MPI seminars as well as spending countless hours after class working with prominent professors and other students to perfect their craft. Dr. Aaron excelled academically and earned the recognition of the school by making the Dean’s list on three separate occasions from 2020 – 2022.

Dr. Aaron spent his last six months (two trimesters) of schooling in Ohio practicing as an intern for a chiropractic office in his hometown of Oxford, Ohio. He remained in Ohio until his transition to Florida in 2023, where he began his role as the chiropractor at Shaker Spine and Sport Institute while working, learning, and professionally growing under the supervision of Dr. Shaker and his mentor Dr. Brian Burns.

The Beginning
Dr. Aaron primarily grew up in a household of four. He was the youngest of four children having three older sisters. He was always actively involved in sports, whether he was playing street hockey with his neighbors, countless months/years of spring, summer, and fall baseball, golfing with his cousin and/or grandpa, or playing tennis against people he just met, he always remained active. It wasn’t until high school after sustaining a high ankle sprain and his 17-year-old sister being a volunteer paramedic that sparked his curiosity, love, and passion for the human body, and turned his medical curiosity into a reality.

He knew he wanted to be a medical professional so he began to dedicate his spare time with his science, health, and physical education teachers and would offer his study hall hours to be a teacher’s assistant for his health and science teacher. He was always proactive with helping others, reading various science and anatomy & physiology books, and asking unnecessarily too many questions to answer his ultimate questions of “how and why?”.

Sports consumed his adolescent years, but these were the years where he focused on form and functionality, whether he was hitting off a tee with his batting coach, golf-swing lessons from his grandpa Day, his best friend showing him a better way to throw the ball from the outfield, or a more powerful and effective push-off from the blocks in track, he was always interested in the function and proper biomechanics of the motions that make athletes great.

The inspiration from his sister, his past instructors, and his self-motivation led to Dr. Aaron pursuing sports medicine in his undergraduate studies.

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– American College of Sports Medicine
– National Academy of Sports Medicine
– Rock Tape FMT Basic and Performance
– NASM – Certified Exercise Specialist (CES)
– NASM – Golf Fitness Specialist (GFS)
– Summit® Class IV Therapeutic Laser safety certification
– Ohio State Chiropractic Board
– Florida State Chiropractic Board
– Rock Tape®

Dr. Aaron has had the opportunity and privilege to be involved in the treatment of more than a thousand patients from various backgrounds prior to his matriculation at Logan University. Patients from chiropractic schooling, those working in the office/desk/computer, drive for a living, professional athletes, weekend warriors, doctors and lawyers, to children/adolescents/teens/geriatrics, expecting mothers, and motor vehicle accidents (MVA). His goal is to listen to the patient, establish the root of the pain or dysfunction, re-establish mobility, functionality and restore the patient’s quality of life.

When Dr. Aaron is not working with his patients or being actively involved at the office, he primarily spends time with his wife, his little girl, and their two dogs. They enjoy traveling, dog walks, gardening & horticulture, art, circuit training/exercising, reading/movies/music, Cincinnati Bengals & Reds/Tampa Bay Bucs, Lightning, and Rays games.